Thursday, November 22, 2012

6 things donot do in blog

Quality of posts is vital point in blogging arena.Provide good quality post give you much traffic and impress.Quality of posts is one vital element of Search Engine Optimization
Let here discuss things that never do while you blogging.Make this to improve your blog quality too.

  • Never Repeat your Post :
  Be Ensure your posts are not repeating once again in your blog.Never make post that are similar to another post in your blog or else.You can make use of search engines as counter to this .
  • Never Add Copyrighted / copied articles.
 If you have done so, the copyrighted author may file a case against you and thus it make your blog to automatically remove by Google authority.
  • Never use rude words in your blog post.
This may lead your blog to remove by blogger itself.So better never harm peoples through your blog.Remember it never brings you good impression.
Never Add sentence or words that disturbs a community or race.

  •  Avoid unnecessary words and pictures from your blog post
Some peoples are using unnecessary words in blog to increase the size the words.Some bloggers use pictures in order to make their blog post size similar to the size of blog theme.This can be avoided to make quality.
  • Don't Post on a run
 Think about  the subject you are going to post and research about it. Just Google and learn what are all there around internet about your subject , and Post New in your blog.This will make good impression in you.
  • Avoid Long Posts
 Try to make your post in average size.Some readers may not read longer posts,at first sight itself they ma turn over your page.So try to add important points and pictures only.
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